Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Trigger Warning:Ableism, Strong Language 

 There is something dreadfully wrong with the world, when you discover you have a condition you were born with, a condition that defines you and you are afraid to tell your own family on fear of hatred
   I remember about a year ago, I was at my aunts house and one of those despicable reality shows was on: "Beauty and the Geek".  One of the contestants openly stimmed in the presence of of the girl they were all vying for.  I recognized it as exactly the kind of behavior I taught myself not to do anymore as a preteen.  And then I saw exactly why I felt the need to hide it.  My aunt said to the television "Drop dead, you motherfucker".
   I don't wonder what the judgement against me will be from my family.  I have already been judged.  Now that i think about it, I am afraid of something that has already happened. 

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