Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shaping the World in Their Vision

   Throughout history, minority groups that do not fit into the status quo of a society have been discriminated, marginalized and eliminated.  The struggle of autistics to gain acceptance is not a new struggle, it is as old as humanity itself.  Some minority groups have advocated and survived.   Some have even joined it.  When enough people become fed up with the status quo, it can even change (American Revolution).  But as we now see in America, a new status quo is developed and over time it becomes a new means to the same end.
   Most people in life choose a voluntary ignorance.  They go on with their daily struggles and leave societal judgements and decisions in the hands of leaders and the media while they go on with their day.  These statements are presented and accepted as fact by the public.   Facts and data can be manipulated or omitted to create the picture the media wants to sculpt.  Journalism is art.  Just as a sculpture is made from the manipulation of real stone,  journalism is crafted from the manipulation of real facts.  In the hands of those looking to preserve their status, it is a dark art.
  So who determines the status quo of our society?  The public itself?  I don't believe so.  I believe the norm is established through media and art and accepted as canon by most people.  Those who create forms of media to be consumed by the public have the power and make the rules. That is good because American media and most of the global media is free now, right?  Nope.  The media is not free at all.  It is controlled.
   I read this infographic on a blog that has absolutely nothing to do with autism. I then realized that it has absolutely everything to do with the struggles of autistics.  Six corporations control 90% of what you see, read and watch every day, and many of them have shared agendas.  All of them want to preserve their source of power, influence, affluence and cash.  That source is the reality we live in.  The rhetoric of tragedy sells, and keeps a community of people that number in the millions.  A community that already has a problem communicating with language absolutely silent.  It is also a community that tends towards free thinking and unique perspectives.  A community that threatens the status quo.


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