Thursday, March 28, 2013

Neurotypical Echolalia

She teaches "special needs" children.

It is hard work, to teach children with "special needs" she tells me. She says it is rewarding to help the ones with special needs, but the expression on her face does not support that. I know joy when I see it.

She wants more of the night lights. The large, round, dim ones. She said they like them. They...with "special needs".  They like to play with them.   We only have one to sell. Not enough for all the children that want them. The "special needs" children.

She mentioned her work with the "special needs" children at least 4 times in this uninitiated conversation. Most people that work with the disabled feel the need to repeat it. Perhaps it's neurotypical echolalia. Perhaps she needs to feel validation. She, the only one without "special needs".

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